3 bassets, 1 husband, 1 son, vet student OSU-CVHS Class of 2013, stargazer, gardener, watercolorer, bassist and 5' 4".

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Do you Like Dogs? How about Dog Art? Cool then.



Created 10/20/2008 19:48:02 | Last change 01/17/2014 06:53:09
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копии верту это оригинальный роскошный дизайн и доступная цена
Thank you! I love that picture of him. I even put him on postings I make to promote the site. You can totally see that he's a happy guy and yes a goof ball, toosmiley
Oh... little Boo Boo Head. He's such a goof! Rach you capture the spirit of the dog and that is what sets you apart from everyone else. I wish you could meet Nanook so you would know that this painting is him.. hands down. Nanook has saved my life more than once. He has forced me to laugh when laughter was far from my heart.
He has no control over his tongue, (as you can see) and sometimes he just starts to lick me and his tongue gets stuck. There I sit... with a dog tongue stuck on my arm. Thanks for putting his face on your website for all the world to see.. Best dog ever!
i like the one of lisa's dogs best, but they're all rad!
i'm miss you rachael. give my love to chris 'n issac!
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